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Unknown Facts of Articles (A, An, The) |Articles in English Grammar | DSSSB, CTET, SSC CGL, KVS

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Unknown Facts of Articles (A, An, The) | Articles in English Grammar | DSSSB, CTET, SSC CGL, KVS, UPSC, Hey everyone! In this video we have covered facts about A, An and The. You will be surprise to know how should we use of Articles in English Grammar and apply it in our day to day life. A, AN and The are the Articles which you can't deny to learn because of their use. Watch the video till end and we will learn How to use A, AN and The. Thanks, Team ""Dear Sir"
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Sudhanshu Gupta (43 minutes ago)
Sir aap maths ki video banao Na please please
Sudhanshu Gupta (43 minutes ago)
Sir aap maths ki video banao Na please please
Roshan Singh (1 hour ago)
Sir aap galat bta rhe ho ki English main 26 alphabet nhi blki 26 letters hote h aur 1 alphabet 👉
parul lehra (1 hour ago)
Nitesh Rathi (2 hours ago)
sir plz upload a detail video on atricles.
vijaya waghamare (2 hours ago)
plz explain why the is not used with city names?? and why it is used for rivers??
BLOW MIND (4 hours ago)
To many ads
cute kosariya, (4 hours ago)
Year me a lagega ki an
Mamtha Jain (5 hours ago)
Your SG (5 hours ago)
The Cow me to last me s nhi lgaate... 11:52 to dogs or camels krna hai? To cows bhi krna h kya?
Himanshu Dawar (5 hours ago)
It's a very good video bhaiya thanks for making
Lakshmi Jayaprakash (8 hours ago)
That time of _ year (a or an)
Shubham Rathore (8 hours ago)
Sir plss article or prepostion pe full long vedio bnayee naa..plss plss
mansi baweja (8 hours ago)
Best teacher
Kuleshwar Sinha (9 hours ago)
Tabahi he
Anshuman Pathak (10 hours ago)
Thank you
Vinod Kumar (10 hours ago)
Thanks you so much sir
very good song jain (12 hours ago)
good video
Shubu Sandhu (22 hours ago)
Sir sb smaj aagya
Annu Annu (22 hours ago)
Sir kate ka nisan lagane m confuse ho jate h
Mahendra Sawant (1 day ago)
Very nice videos 😘😘😘😘
Haamad Ali (1 day ago)
U r great sir
Haamad Ali (1 day ago)
Mai v aap ka Sara vedio dekhta hu
Prince Mina (1 day ago)
Sir name ke Sath the attaa he example me Deta hu ( the great akbar ) 2. The great Khali 3. The great Ashoka. Sir plez. Repley
Prince Mina (5 hours ago)
+Your SG bahi sir NE bola ke Nahi atta Mene example diya he me sirf Ko galat Nahi Bata raha
Your SG (5 hours ago)
Brother, Wo great se pahle aata hai.... Kyuki Grate ek superlative degree hai..... Esliye the ka use 'Great' word ke liye kiya hai, naa ki name ke liye
Aryan Sharma (1 day ago)
Sir short form ke liye the ka use hota hai li nhi or sir a/an ka use jab hota hai jab the ka ise na ho to sir please ek or vedio articles pr please
friends learner (1 day ago)
Story likhne ka tarika
Rahul joshi (1 day ago)
Achi video hai
Very very very very nice
Tapan kk ch (1 day ago)
Sir, abcd main kw kw gw kahain sai aya 🤔🤔🤔
Ms Rathore (1 day ago)
Aapki saari vedios awsmmm hain, mujhe aapka ek ek point samajh mai aata h,your way of explaining is very gud 😊😊 thank u so much sir
Omdev Kumar (1 day ago)
Sir jee common noun ke plural number ke sath v the ka use hoga kya???? Aapne to kia h... The horses But I read if it particular then "the" is used. I.e. The indian farmers
saroj koli (1 day ago)
Very halpfull vedio for every students ...must wotch this vedio.....👍👍👍👍
CHANDAN KUMAR (1 day ago)
Sir the dog hoga
kush Parashar (1 day ago)
Jitendra verma (1 day ago)
you are ____ N.N.C officer ( use correct article
conclusion person (1 day ago)
Jitendra verma "an"
Jagga jasus (1 day ago)
Ek dum bindas hokar samjhaate ho sir aap.👌👌 I like your style sir...😄😊
Prince Mina (1 day ago)
Sir me app ke har lecture daktha hu I am big fan of dear sir
simran yadvanshi (1 day ago)
Very nice
Kriti Chhetri (1 day ago)
Tq so much dear sir 😄😄
Suresh Gabu (1 day ago)
Sir mare english shikvu se ane prisha pass karvi se please sir help me
Suresh Gabu (1 day ago)
Sir gujrat talati Exam English Please sir
Suresh Gabu (1 day ago)
Sir saras Good
Homraj Soni (1 day ago)
Nice video
pannalal maurya (1 day ago)
Please make Navodaya train speed, distance ,time full concept hindi
pannalal maurya (1 day ago)
Yukta gupta (1 day ago)
Ek . no sir
Vandana Gupta (1 day ago)
Are sir aapke father ne to bahut expensive gift de diya
Bilal War (1 day ago)
Sir one question
Namrata Patel (1 day ago)
Thank you sir
Nagesh Panjarkar (2 days ago)
Helping words ke video banaiy sir please
Shubhangi Parse (2 days ago)
Very good
Bittu Kumar (2 days ago)
thanks sir
Pushpraj Mishra (2 days ago)
Sir modal verb or jumble word ki video
Shivendu Raj (2 days ago)
mst jio sir
Annu Agrwal (2 days ago)
MANISH nice KUMAR (2 days ago)
Ramesh hero channal (2 days ago)
Kya maintain Ke sath the lagega
our videos (2 days ago)
Chabilapur chalna Hai sir. Jaa raha hu holi me
Romesh Chander (2 days ago)
Good luck
Romesh Chander (2 days ago)
Nice teaching
Sita Aryal (2 days ago)
What do you mean by tha
Road k liye the use to hoga na sirr for example "on the road"
Raghu Uikey (2 days ago)
Nice sir ...
Pravin Bagul (2 days ago)
Sabhya Sabhya (2 days ago)
Thanks sir
Sheeru Jadhav (2 days ago)
Super sir
anish poddar (3 days ago)
your face is similar to SHREESHANT
lingraj naik (3 days ago)
Super sir
Suraj Kadam (3 days ago)
Vinay Kumar (3 days ago)
Rajesh Thakur (3 days ago)
Thanks sir apke bhajha se mera exam acha gya thankyou so much
RAKESH RAJPUT (3 days ago)
Manan Nishad (3 days ago)
Manankumar class12
Rohit Ranga (3 days ago)
Thanks dear sir
zohaib khan (3 days ago)
ads ads and ads
Kalpana Nayak (3 days ago)
Thanks sir
Jawed Iqubal (3 days ago)
Jawed Iqubal (3 days ago)
So great
Nice sir
Dheeraj Rajak (3 days ago)
Great sir, ur every video is very useful..
NARENDRA KUMAR2 (3 days ago)
Sir you r great
Rajesh Thakur (3 days ago)
Sir nice viode apki bhajha se mujhe a.an samjhe me aa gya Thanks sir
Indrajitsinh Chavda (3 days ago)
Very nice sir 👌👌
Kumar King (3 days ago)
Nice video
Ajay Rajput (4 days ago)
Very nice
Bhageerath SONI (4 days ago)
Sir iska answer kya he - Andmans are- group of islands in bay of bengal
A group of
Alka Yadav (4 days ago)
Very nice class sir
RaTna Upadhyay (4 days ago)
suraj kumar (4 days ago)
Sir nice
Anupam Sinha (4 days ago)
Alok sahay (4 days ago)
Dear sir video is good
Parteek Chandel (4 days ago)
Sushant Kori (4 days ago)
Superb sir.... think us so muchh
Amit Kumar notes (4 days ago)
Thanks Sir awaj itna acha kha se late hai
Sujeet Singh (4 days ago)
sir one eg sir plzzz solve this ......dash friends of mine expecting dash baby.
Amrita Kanase (4 days ago)
Thanks sir
bashinti bisht (4 days ago)
you are nice who like sir
mohan chandel (4 days ago)
thank you sooooooooo much sir for this fantastic video
sruthi lekshmi (4 days ago)
Good sir
manoj kumar (4 days ago)
The ka use thoda ache se bataye
Singh Paikra (4 days ago)
Mast lga sir ji

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