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Tour the UW Foster School of Business

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This virtual tour highlights how new facilities have transformed and energized the Michael G. Foster School of Business School since it was renamed in 2007. PACCAR Hall (opened in 2010) and Dempsey Hall (opened in 2012) now form the nucleus of the school, which also includes the Bank of America Executive Education Center, Mackenzie Hall and the Foster Business Library on the University of Washington's Seattle Campus and the Eastside Executive Center in Kirkland. #UWFosterSchool
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Bitless (2 years ago)
I got into University of Washington, sadly not into Foster direct admissions (15-18 percent chance I believe) but got into via standard admission (about 40% of people who apply get in I believe, and that is just because a lot of them don't have prereqs done or have a low GPA, I had all prereqs done and a 3.52 and got in) Got to say the education is second to none, the campus is amazing and student life is awesome! If any of you guys are considering University of Washington definitely check it out , the campus is beautiful. Business majors especially, Foster has great a reputation and fantastic alumni the school itself is ranked in most websites top 30 for universities in the USA so I would highly advise you check out this school, especially if you are pursing a business major!
Congrats on your admissions to UW!
Lacey Wulfe (3 years ago)
how can you take a tour in person?
+Lacey Wulfe contact our Undergraduate Program Office at [email protected]
Danny Weinreb (4 years ago)
This is far and out my dream school. Great academics, BEAUTIFUL campus, great location, great sports, great spirit. I will definitely visit. 

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