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13 Uses of 'THE' - Articles (a, an, the) - Lesson 2 - English Grammar

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In this lesson, you will learn the 13 USES of THE. Also see - MOST COMMON MISTAKES IN ENGLISH & HOW TO AVOID THEM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 For more FREE English lessons, SUBSCRIBE to this channel. Transcript: Welcome back. This is lesson two of my series on articles. If you haven’t seen the first lesson, you will find the link to the full playlist below. Alright, in this lesson, I will show you 13 uses of the definite article – ‘the’. As always, there’s a quiz at the end to test your understanding. Use number one is something we discussed in the previous lesson. This is also the most important use. Use 'the' to talk about a person or thing known to your listener. For example, "Julie has a nine-year-old son. The boy wants to be an astronaut." Here, I first say 'a nine-year old son' because you don't know him yet. But once I have introduced him in the sentence, I then say 'The boy' because he is now known to you. Here's another example: "Can you answer the phone?" If I say this to you, then there's probably a phone ringing somewhere. So the phone is already known to you, and I say 'the phone'. And finally, "This is the watch that my sister gave me for my birthday." This example is a little different because if I stop with "This is the watch" - you will be confused because you don't know the watch. But then if I give you more information about the watch - it's the watch that my sister gave me for my birthday - so that way it becomes known to you. Let's now move on to use number two: use 'the' with unique things – that is, where there is only one of something. For example, we say ‘the sun’ (because there’s only one sun). Similarly, ‘the moon’, ‘the sky’, ‘the world’, ‘the universe’ and so on. Here are a couple of sentences: "Everyone knows that the sun rises in the east." and "Rahul has traveled all over the world." Some other things we consider unique are ‘the government’, 'the police', 'the Internet' and so on. As in these sentences: “The police are investigating a murder in our neighborhood.” and “Almost everybody uses the Internet today.” OK the next use is with some words referring to nature or the environment in a general way. These are words such as the countryside (which means rural or village areas), the town, the mountains, the weather etc. For example, "My son enjoys spending time in the countryside." It means my son likes to spend time relaxing in rural areas. Here are a couple more sentences: "We're going to take a trip to the mountains." and "I love the weather in Los Angeles." Use number four is talking about objects of common experience like in the expressions that you see on the screen. We say that these are objects of common experience because we all experience these in our lives. Have a look at this example: "I met an interesting man at the park yesterday." You may not know which park but it doesn't matter - the park is common experience. In the same way "Did you read the newspaper this morning?" I don't care which newspaper you read, I just want to know if read one today. Here's another example: "Darren likes to sing in the shower." We also use 'the ' with some types of media (including the word 'media' itself) and also forms of entertainment. For example, "I don't listen to the radio a lot these days." or “Pooja is at the movies with her friends." Note that 'at the movies' means at a movie theatre. But it's important to note that TV doesn't work this way. You can use 'the' with TV if you mean a television set. Like "Will you help me move the TV?" But if you mean television as a medium, then you say 'on TV' - as in "I saw a documentary on TV today." Not 'on the TV'. It's just a crazy rule in English. Let's move on to use number five now. Use 'the' with some time expressions. You see these on the screen - we always use 'the' in these expressions. For example, "Kids hate getting up early in the morning.", "A friend of mine got married the day before yesterday." and "We love to go swimming in the summer." We also say ‘the past’, ‘the present’ and ‘the future’ probably because there's only one past, present and future. Like in this sentence: "We must learn our lessons from the past and work towards the future." 'The' is also found in time expressions like ‘the eighteenth century’, 'the 1960s' (or simply 'the 60s') and so on. For example, "This house was built by my grandfather in the sixties." Now you have to be a little careful with time expressions because there are many that should be used without articles. You see some of these on the screen. We will discuss these more in the next lesson when we talk about where to use no article. The next use is superlative forms. These are expressions like ‘the best’, ‘the worst’, ‘the biggest’, ‘the smallest’ and so on.
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Learn English Lab (1 year ago)
Hey there, I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Let me know if you have any questions. Also check out: ➜ 1 Simple Trick to *Become FLUENT* in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0qT4cK-wtk&list=PLmwr9polMHwsI6vWZkm3W_VE7cWtYVjix ➜ *50* Words You are *Pronouncing WRONG:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdtUjWb0O9w&list=PLmwr9polMHwtOrZVwGuiN8xLup5elPE6f ➜ *Most Common MISTAKES* in English & How to Avoid Them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dax90QyXgI&list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ➜ *POWER Writing* - Write ANYTHING in English Easily (Essays, Emails, Letters Etc.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT_D68RJ5T8&list=PLmwr9polMHwtPulG3q4SrSNIZzlJl2gXf ➜ *100 English Sentences* You Can Use in Conversation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dRuy1VLCiQ&list=PLmwr9polMHwsI6vWZkm3W_VE7cWtYVjix ➜ Learn *TELEPHONE English* - 100 Sentences You Can Use on the Phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkppeSjRj0E&list=PLmwr9polMHwsI6vWZkm3W_VE7cWtYVjix ➜ Speak English FLUENTLY like a *NATIVE SPEAKER* with *just 10 words:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KU2eobDMqs&list=PLmwr9polMHwsI6vWZkm3W_VE7cWtYVjix ➜ All *GRAMMAR* lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsR35rD9spEhjFUFa7QblF9 ➜ All *MODAL VERBS* Lessons (Could, Would, Should, May, Might, Must etc.): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwvGTssgSU9KWEm2T4WiWaTj ➜ All *PARTS OF SPEECH* lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsQmAjoAxtFvwk_PaqQeS68 ➜ All *ARTICLES* (a, an, the) lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsbkqz6kU5e6MgpvaYrpKfX ➜ All *PRONUNCIATION* lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwtOrZVwGuiN8xLup5elPE6f ➜ All *TENSES* lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmwr9polMHwsRNZW607CtVZhg_SzsbiJw
Gurpreet Saini (15 days ago)
Sir....the over familiarity or over familiarity
Wasim Begg (2 months ago)
Dear Sir, do you teach english in any institute or whether I can join your class?
Kalyani Tirumala (2 months ago)
Sir thank u so much for your easy explanation but all lessons available on books or pdf please sir
Er charanjeet singh (3 months ago)
Could u make a video on infintive and gerund. I saw your previous video but i did not deeply understand.
Sharmila Raja (8 months ago)
"It is a beautiful shop" is correct because article "a" denotes the shop. if there is no shop then use " It is beautiful" ```
Subhankar Das (1 day ago)
Plz sir one request to u make a video in bengali on article.its help my daughter to under standing the grammar
Gunel Aziz (7 days ago)
Perfect explanation
Raj Raushan (10 days ago)
Got every sentence correct Oh yeah yeah
At the moment I am preparing my academic IELTS exam, this is the best explanation that I could find in the internet, my first language is not english, and the way to teach is perfect to me. thanks
Deboshri Nath (16 days ago)
Have a confusion sir... Sanskrit is a/ the difficult language. What would b the correct answer.?
M M (19 days ago)
the best ever , thank you so much
Hirasankar Bhowmik (21 days ago)
Is "the greenhouse gases" correct?
peace4planet (23 days ago)
You are great.
Madhu Gorai (25 days ago)
Please tell us how to use multiple definite article in a single sentence. Thanks
Abdul Munam (26 days ago)
Ahh! Got two wrongs, but understood the mistake i.e 88.89%(16/18) In the sixth question, it should be THE MOUNT EVEREST??
prem malhotra (5 days ago)
no, the is only used with mountain ranges, not mountain peaks and Everest is a peak example the Himalayas, the alps etc.
lalitha vaishnavi (26 days ago)
Splendid teaching, sir ☺
pk sare (1 month ago)
Sir,Could u please explain the 8th one ..
Saima Jan (1 month ago)
In usage 4 is it bit similar to usage 1.. it's known to that listener ..
Love Nature (1 month ago)
.... mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Use article?
Raju Singh (1 month ago)
Thank you sir! I got 6 out of 8 watching the video first time. It is just because of your teaching method. Great sir!
🌟Hwak's PICK!🌟 (1 month ago)
teacher I am confused as to why the is used this way in the sentence. "He kept two sets of logs a secret one with the real distances and another with shorter distance. " Thank you!!!
balahtd (1 month ago)
Sir why the is not used before mount everest in quiz no. 6
Ravi Kuriveti (1 month ago)
Plz upload no article class sir
Shailendra Agrawal (1 month ago)
why not with the hand
Robin Masih (1 month ago)
Can we use definite article with abstract noun? For example, the sickness of my friend is severe, or sickness of my friend is severe. Can indefinite article be written with words like truth, honesty, bravery, stupidity, sympathy, wisdom, theft, puberty, penury, death etc... We can say: His wisdom is absolute, but can we say: the wisdom absolute? kindly explain it..
Ajai .A (2 months ago)
Thank you so Much!
Jubilee Ho (2 months ago)
Great lesson! The best lesson regarding this topic. I have been confused about how to use "the" for a long time. Thank you!!!
Sarvar Alam (2 months ago)
Wow.great voice sir
Aniket Sawale (2 months ago)
Sir, On the slide -referring to nature and the environment generally the countryside, the town, the mountains here mountains are plural how " the " come here?
krishna supraja (2 months ago)
Before the word email Which article we want to keep? Sir
Pooja Kaushal (2 months ago)
before governments and higer authorities , should we always use 'the'?
pk sare (2 months ago)
Sir.. I have small doubts that we should use 'an' before 'email' by you use 'the'. tell me why????
Jadeja jayvirsinh (2 months ago)
1 .______UN official greeted the people on ______occasion of diwali. 2._____indian army rescued_____affected people. Answer please..
TAMANNA BHARDWAJ (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot Sir, Wonderful explanation and meaningful learning experience...👌👌👌👌 Keep teaching....
great job sir
Kavi priya (3 months ago)
@4.03 5th question movies are plural so how " the" come??????
Mirko Janc (3 months ago)
All your LEL videos are really great and present the material in a logical and exceptionally clear way. Although you have several videos about the use of articles, for (most) Slavic people "article or no article" tends to be a problem even after many years spent in the USA. Especially confusing is that many common phrases do not carry the article, but the same words taken out of a particular phrase do need an article. Suggestion: Devote a few videos to revisit the material in detail, especially when articles are not needed. Another common problem that needs more elaboration and examples is the use of past simple vs. present perfect tense.
Adnan Ahmad (3 months ago)
Make a video of one word substitute
Kaushal Darji (3 months ago)
..........european tourists are mad after .........indian locations. In these blanks the,the are used????
Jatin Machchhar (3 months ago)
Nice Video Sir, very helpful. can you make the special video on the countable and uncountable noun(list). Sometime its difficult to identify.
Mohan kumar (3 months ago)
I subscribed to your channel. Very good channel. Kindly help me understand the sentences structure below. On 13:02. Example number 4 (b). "I think he is talking to someone on phone". "I" is a subject, "think" is a verb and What is "he is talking to someone on phone"? Is it complement for verb "think". Which tense is this sentences. Is present simple? "I think he is talking to someone on phone".
KSREDDY S (3 months ago)
Mount Everest 'is' the .... It's not 'in' the.... Or else it might be... is in the..... Sorry correct me if I'm wrong.. missed 'is' I mean to say here ...
GRACEFUL DARYA (3 months ago)
I have no mistakes)) Thank you Sir ^^
thanh pham huu (3 months ago)
why is it " in traffic" instead of " in the traffic" ?
Polunati Sahithi (3 months ago)
Thank you Sir
Er charanjeet singh (3 months ago)
Really thankyouuuuuu dear. Brilliant lesson i never saw before.
Ajodhya Kumar Biswal (3 months ago)
Sir explain no.4 plz
Smart Jeeva (4 months ago)
pls take a video for donts of articals bcz dos are eassy
Kalai Nayaki (4 months ago)
hello sir..!first of all thank you so much for your lessons....in the 7 th sentence we are speaking about the truck for the first time so shouldn't we use "the truck".......but you have used "the" in the second use of truck...please help me clarify sir...thank you...!
Learn English Lab (4 months ago)
It says "...sold the car two months later to buy *a* truck. And now I hear she's selling *the* truck." - when we mention a thing for the first time, we use a/an. Once the listener is familiar with the thing, we use _the_ when we mention it again. See rule #1 again.
hello. in 6. should say...Mount Everest "is" the highest... and not "in" the highest is it correct?
Heba Al Omoush (4 months ago)
where is the next lesson that you mention during in the video ?
Abinaya Narayanan (4 months ago)
I am very happy that i got a doubt in english. Should we say past tense as past tense or the past tense
Arun Jacob (4 months ago)
Is there any mistake in the sixth question of the quiz? Should the question be as follows: mount Everest is highest mountain in world
Learn English Lab (4 months ago)
Yes, you're right, it's a typo. My mistake. Good catch :)
Laxmi Narayana K (4 months ago)
sir you are an epitome of teaching.would you mind I asked you to teach Note making?
Himanshu wagh (4 months ago)
an email
Zanouba Eddaki (4 months ago)
Better teacherh 👍👍
Shahriar mhabub (4 months ago)
where is no articles lesson
Dr Sapna (4 months ago)
Hello, sir thank you for these lessons I would like to ask you a question about very and a very, what is the difference between these two and how to use an article with it? Thank you
winter is coming (4 months ago)
17/19 are correct
selvi lakshmi (4 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Is it the Mars or Mars? And similarly, it is the planet Venus or planet Venus?
gshloka (4 months ago)
Why isn't it The Mount Everest ?
ravi rathore (2 months ago)
Because we don't use "the" article just before mountains' name.
Vijay Durai (4 months ago)
Mukharu Nandeshwar The Himalayas is a group of mountains am I right
Mukharu Nandeshwar (4 months ago)
It's a single mountain.
Back Bencher (5 months ago)
Really a great work
Sagir Ahmad (5 months ago)
Thank you very much
Manoj Singh (5 months ago)
You can say in hindi
ace egotist (5 months ago)
For #12, is the name ALEXANDER THE GREAT wrong????
uzma malik (5 months ago)
very nice and informative lesson. but i have a suggestion for u pls, that dont show all answers together of any quiz. bcz we want to solve them one by one with u. as we already have answers in our minds bt again we want to do more practice with u during the answers showing in quiz.
K Nimisha (5 months ago)
Next to library or next to the library is correct...I am confused with these.... Same like...clear voice or a clear voice is correct
Mark Wolf (5 months ago)
I don’t need Grammar book anymore. Please make a video for academic 5 paragraph essay like Expository and personal Experience .
Suad Muhodin (5 months ago)
thanks sir for your explanation
Abhijit Abhijit (5 months ago)
Very Nice sir
DINESH NAYAK (5 months ago)
An US or the US ??
Sankeetha Sankeetha (5 months ago)
Rishita Galanki (5 months ago)
Temitope Oluwa (5 months ago)
Thanks sir,my question is this about first lesson;is this not correct? i always go to gym in the morning
priti periwal (5 months ago)
What is question tag
Siraj Kakepoto (6 months ago)
There is a mistake As my knowledge. In last exercise 6.Mount Everest in the highest mountain in the world. So Use Is Instead of IN
Learn English Lab (6 months ago)
Yup, it's a typo. Good catch.
Sami Shetwi (6 months ago)
Hello there , thank you for the two lessons about the articles . I got all the answers right , but I have one note about number six in lesson two exercise , " Mount Everest in the " !!! shouldn't it be " Mount Everest is the " . I checked some of the comments but no one mentioned it so I guess it could be right . if so could you explain the meaning to me please , and for record I don't trust translating soft wears ,that is why I'm asking you . than you for your time .
Pooja Yadav (6 months ago)
Ambreen Jabeen (6 months ago)
Hello sir. Ur explanation is really excellent. Sir I have a doubt ,in 6th example of inserting the,... Can v use The Mount Everest???
Ganga Adhikari (6 months ago)
Can we say An elephant is an big animals Or a big animals Im confuse We use article for noun or adjective when it comes first
khushdeep Dhillon (6 months ago)
Hi, Why not ‘the’ before Mount Everest. Please explain
Siva Prasad Ekula (2 months ago)
The come before group of mountains islands ex the Andaman. The Himalayas .. No article before evarest ; kachanaganga....
meena sivalingam (6 months ago)
This is end video for articles or any further video u upload
Prachi Das (6 months ago)
Which one is correct: a tiger is a dangerous animal or the tiger is a dangerous animal? If both are correct, then how to decide which one to use?
MIHIR JARIWALA (5 months ago)
It depend on situation where to use 1st one one is absolutely correct but if you talk about particular communities of tiger such as"The white tiger is a dangerous animal". "The tiger ,which we saw at Zoo,is a dangerous animal.
gangumolu rakesh kumar (6 months ago)
in 8 question why won't we use the yesterday?
ashima kaushal (6 months ago)
can we write the austalians,the indians?/?
Umesh Shelake (6 months ago)
Awesome!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Sir.
Meet Parekh (7 months ago)
Thank u so much sir for educating in verbal
Akshay ukey (7 months ago)
Hi ganesh, thank you for the informative vdeio. I wanna know if i want to tell " I am in the party is that correct or shall i say in a party? coz party is a common experience like beach, gym, shower etc.
Prathamesh Chavan (7 months ago)
Great! It's really helpful. Thanks !!
ItssMyChannel (7 months ago)
Sir Is 'the' used with events? For ex: 2 day thatre workshop, will we use 'the' here?
Minh Phúc Nguyễn văn (7 months ago)
I see you using "next week" not "the next week" in the rule number 11. what is the difference in this example ???
Benarji sai (7 months ago)
sir., how can you use "the police" it is a generalized plural right?
shiva kumar (7 months ago)
Sir! Your are helping me a lot. Thank very much you for u r help. Eagerly waiting for NO articals.
Tec Guruji (7 months ago)
Sir i have a question.. Which sentences are correct? 1) The boys jump into the river... 2) The boy jumps into the river.. (OR) 1) Boys jump into the river. 2) Boy jumps into the river.. Please give me answer with reason....... .
M.Ammar Ahmad (7 months ago)
Sir , I was taught that SEASONS don't take article "the" ...? but you used "the" with seasons (at 4:27 of the video)
Chopstick (7 months ago)
Thanks Sir.
MaryJoy Malapit (7 months ago)
i got 12/17 hahahaha
divya gosu (7 months ago)
Sir in the 11th use you told we can use the before some places but how can we know what are those places can you please tell me sir
Sanjay Kadam (7 months ago)
sambath shenba (7 months ago)
Any one please answer me why the car and the truck in his last quiz
Nadee Nadeesha (7 months ago)
Your videos are very helpful.I'm from sri lanka
Yasir Waqar (7 months ago)
why don't we use the with mount Everest?
Seetha Siva (7 months ago)
I get full marks

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